Vice versa Atlantis

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This is the place where historians localize the ancient civilization of Atlantis that has gone under water. Sardinia, that  took its place, vice versa is not sinking, only growing up in price  from year to year.

"Island of luck", "the blue region of longevity", the "village of billionaires" — it's all about it. It's hard to realize the evolution of the proud but poor enclave of shepherds and pirates into the apex of wealthy people around the world. Still the fact is obvious: tired of big business Atlanteans shrug their shoulders in Sardinia.

Developers are fond of quoting Mark Twain, recommending in any obscure case, to buy property because "they're not making it anymore".  In the context of unstable currencies, risks of the security markets and the shaken by scandals art market, the words by the American literature classic  sound especially important. Especially when it comes to real estate abroad  where the right of ownership is scrupulously observed and sometimes even gives the citizenship.

Italy does not provide the latter, which does not reduce its attractiveness in the eyes of buyers. Real estate is purchased primarily for themselves by those who want to enjoy eno -, gastro - and climate benefits on a par with residents. By the way, according to Italian law the purchasing of real estate issue  does not provide special preferences to local residents. According to the price of real estate in Italy for more than 40% of customers from Russia and CIS exceeds half a million euros.

A great variety

Those who consider the possibility of purchasing housing in Italy  traditionally compare it  with its closest competitors — Spain and Greece. Despite the fact that according to the Numbeo index  the most expensive for living resorts  are Italian ones, now it is a great time for the purchase of housing in Italy. But they need to hurry: according to analysts the fall in housing prices which the Italian market has experienced since 2008  might stop next year. In the meantime  banks are still lending on favorable terms (low fixed-rate mortgages, and variable-rate loans offered at less than 1%) - and the customers can't remain indifferent. This year the activity of foreign customers significantly increased in Italy in general and particularly in Sardinia. The sales of real estate during the current year increased by 6% compared to 2017 (according to Trade & Consulting SAS).

However, the request "to  buy a house in Italy " sounds a little naive. This country is cosi diversa where the uniqueness of the offer determines the type of real estate and its location - accurate within half a kilometer . Where in Italy?

Traditionally, the most expensive real estate is concentrated in major cities (Rome, Milan, Naples), on the shores of lake Como and Garda, on the sea and mountain resorts. The price ranges from € 3200 per square meter in the resorts of Valle D'aosta to €1000 in rural Calabria. Sardinia with its average check of €3200 seems to be in the middle, but the price varies greatly depending on the area. "In the area of our development activity, on the Costa Smeralda, the price per square meter of finished housing is in the range of €5-10 thousand,— says Marco Ferrario, a representative of the development company Villegium.— It must  be noted that a significant part of the offers there  are  villas, and their price range is different. In this case the price for  the square meter  starts  at €15 thousand. For instance, one of our villas is located in a private park, and this villa is estimated at €9.8 million".

The emerald dream

Costa Smeralda is a miracle of careful development. Until the 1960s, when Prince Aga Khan began to implement his dream project here, the place was quite  wild and wasn't known as "the emerald cost". Invented and designed by the Prince as an expensive resort,  the coast has managed not to turn into a reservation of millionaires. It is available to everyone, although there are traffic jams due to  the busy yacht traffic in Marina, and the price of land regulates the contingent of customers. But  just for the charm of  simple values and the lack of pathos people reach for that place from all over the world. 

How did this happen? Originally Sardinians were not  dazzled by the exponentially growing popularity of the North-Eastern part of the island. The Prince had to assemble a team of the best architects in the world to build villas here for himself and his friends and to create a unique style of the resort. The main requirement  —  to fit all the novelties into the landscape and become an homage to the traditional local architecture — has been successfully implemented,  the bionic style is still tuning fork for all the projects. Not so long ago, a major Arab investor was denied  with the project executed in a bold architectural manner. Glass, concrete, skyscraper? No, they don't want to hear that in Sardinia.

A new round of popularity Dolce Vita a la Sarda began after the 2000's when Sardinia officially entered the number of five "blue regions" of the Earth — places with an index of exceptional longevity  where the average life expectancy is 95 years. The real estate market responded to this immediately. To find a new Villa or, furthermore, to join the Greenfield project is a great success today.

Private land

Due to the limited supply of high-end housing it is purchased primarily for private use ,the classic investments in real estate are secondary. Customers - those who practice well being not only in a holiday mode, but have made  it the  life philosophy. The demand is stable and high — especially the demand of Asian "tigers". Russians do not lag far behind them: a lot of people start with the purchase of  cottages  on the Costa Smeralda but over the time it often becomes a favorite place of a permanent residence.

The easiest way to choose is to contact a realtor specializing on the type of real estate you are interested in. However, the interests of the client and the realtor, in the database of whom there are more than a dozen of items (among which there are non-tradable through the years variants), do not always coincide. For example, in Sardinia, you can really get lost in the abundance of options offered. But a thorough study of the market makes obvious the fact that: the offered for sale  houses  are villas built 20 years or more ago.   Therefore  you will need a serious amount  of money for the renovation - it starts from € 3-4 thousand per square meter. Not to mention such details as the need to coordinate everything: any change of the appearance, even the canopy, requires permission.

It is better to buy either new housing  or the one not older than ten years —  developers usually have such offers available. "There are  severe restrictions on the use of land plots, the construction itself is also regulated — almost the entire territory is in one or another protected zone. To understand these subtleties and to realize the object  is possible only for local developers - although it's not very difficult to obtain a formal building permit ", -  explains Mr. Ferrario.

We shan't pay any price

Sharp price dynamics in the current prestigious locations cannot be expected. The principal issue of such an investment is the quality of the product. It is effectively to buy new housing  or just the one that  had no time to become obsolete. The disclosure of the unique qualities of the housing during the construction can increase its capitalization to 100%. "Unique objects are always in demand — we felt it while implementing a huge estate next to the Monte Moro national reserve. This is not available for everyone. But our customers want to find heaven on earth right here and right now, " -  the developer concludes.

The property in Italy cannot be purchased in a hurry. You have to live on the Island for at least a week to understand the specifics of the place. Italy is considered a country of apparent regionalism, but this is doubly true about Sardinia: the landscape and the nature of the location change radically within one or two kilometers. However, that is the main feature of the island — you cannot get enough with it.