The question of active longevity has ceased to be rhetorical.

It should be answered in the logic of a venture capitalist. Where and how much to invest to get a cheerful 80-year-old yourself? Forbes analyzes the prospects of investing in the most expensive thing people have - their lives. 

The long-standing scientific research and young pseudo-scientific biohackers agreed in the conclusions.

On the one hand, we start aging from the age of 12, and the activity of senescent cells doubles every eight years. The good news  is -  the biomarkers of aging which can be monitored by blood test and adjust their performance are found. 

So, all set up for checking  your real biological age and  the state of a natural protector – the intestinal microbiota. Upload the advanced blood analysis results to - and finally understand that our life lasts just a moment. What a powerful motivator.

When the problems are identified  we begin to widely use the geroprotectors. Such can be found among the food of "blue regions" of the Earth  – places with an abnormally high number of centenarians. Among the five recognized regions there is only one where there is an equal number of centenarians among men and women - Sardinia. The miracle can be explained: the main cause of brain aging is hypoxia, the channels of oxygen delivery must be perfect, and Sardinian logistics is out off the charts in that issue. The gender equality is achieved by the abundance of Superfoods for blood vessels and by regular training – swimming in sea water.

It might sound simple. The secret is that this lifelong-grace does not work at a distance. Anything that once floated or grew should get on the table right away. Other components of the longevity of sardines – coastal ionized air and water (filtered by the thickness of granite) are not the subjects for export.

That is why the concentration of  residents from the Forbes list on the Costa Smeralda is not accidental. It is proven that 50% of the factors affecting the life expectancy  depend on the place the person lives at (the rest are genes).

What is the price? The new three-level Villa "ultra all inclusive" (up to furniture and silverware) with its landscaped park, patio, swimming pool and a sandy beach will cost about 9 million euros if purchased directly from the developer.