On the silver wave

Yachtsmen on the Costa Smeralda, whose shores relentlessly polishes the surf of the silver waves, full of energy. Work is under the sail, rest is in own villa. September is a great time to join biohacking at sea and on land.

The 50th anniversary of the legendary yacht club meets on the crest of vital energy. In September, fighting with the Tyrrhenian currents along the eastern coast of Sardinia gives a reason to a whole bunch of regattas. The road name is Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, Rolex Club Swan, Perini Navi Cup and the regatta Audi - Italian Sailing League. For relaxing walks, the southern part of the coast is shown; reserved bays and bays above La Maddalena - for the strong in spirit.

Life under the sail

The local united yacht community, the balance of secular relaxation and sporty tone give rise to the idea sooner or later: is it possible to settle in the already native marina thoroughly? Almost all "silver surfers" choose this path. Someone intuitively, tired of rental villas, striving for a guaranteed quality of life on land and appreciating the local networking - not burdensome and effective. The other are consciously matured for investing in a vigorous centenarian himself.

World luminaries of gerontology finally agreed on the reasons for longevity: 50% of success -habitat conditions, the rest - genes. In light of this, Sardinia, as one of the five "blue regions" of the Earth - places with an abnormally high number of long-livers - is experiencing a new round of popularity. An important role is played by the ability to properly follow the Mediterranean diet. The fact that in the morning floated or ran, falls into the plate no later than lunch. And exhausted from excess antioxidants cannonau! And blessed by harsh shepherds, sardis, pecorino! All this should be consumed only on the spot: the rejuvenating effect, alas, is not subject to export. It works only a combination of factors that should affect the body regularly and with your pleasure.

Views of long life

Despite the obvious demand, the supply of the Costa Smeralda real estate market seems broad only at first glance. Having taken care of finding a home in earnest, you find out that 99% of the supply on the market are middle-aged villas, many of which are rented for a long time. There are practically no direct offers from developers. New projects appear in the most prestigious and strictly protected part of the island infrequently. A rare (and usually local) bird manages to fly a long bureaucratic way and coordinate the project. Plus, an obvious shortage of land: areas close to marinas have been long and densely built up with public from all over the world, including Russians.

The premiere in the market of two lots at once: a new villa Perla with its own park and a 4-hectare panoramic estate Cussogghja with several villas, swimming pools and forest land - the whole event. Both lots are equidistant - for a kilometer - from the marina Porto Cervo. The point of respite between the night cocktail in Billionaire and fine dining in Spinnaker is securely hidden from the curious eyes of the relict juniper thickets. I want to - I meditate with a peaceful view of the flock of yachts whitening in the distance. Or the call of friends (up to 12 people can get lost in a villa) on porcellino, which is languishing in myrtle, whose aroma fills a spacious patio ...

Italian developer Villegium- thanks to the team, half consisting of indigenous sardis - did the impossible. Under the shadow of the national reserve of Monte Moro, you can purchase a family nest with serious chances to become the main one. Moreover, the favorite boat in the local marina is cozy. Here you and she are in your circle.