Live forever. Super

Even among the record-holding five blue regions of the planet, where the percentage of long-livers is constantly abnormally high, Sardinia stands out.

Long-livers are not rare here, but surprising ordinary. According to the world statistics, the family has a chance to have a long-liver every two hundred years. On the island, this happens almost twice more often! Approximately every century, a Sardinian family can have by a person who has more than a century lifetime.

But it's not of all of the Sardinian miracles.


The volcanic island is the only place on earth where the number of long-livers is evenly distributed between men and women. The phenomenon, gerontologists while absolutely incomprehensible - in the rest of the world ladies always live longer than mans.

The island of gender equality literally challenge the laws of nature. It is proved that in the process of evolution the males was programmed for the most effective life cycle, so their bodies wear out faster since the Stone Age. In contrast, the "road map" of the woman was the continuation of the family. Growing children takes a long time, so for ladies, a biological clock goes a little slower.

In Sardinia, nature decided to give a chance to both genders. Many assumptions to find out why - from completely fantastic, connected with the extraterrestrial origin of the inhabitants of the sunken Atlantis, to scientific hypotheses based on the latest genetic studies.

One of the most common theories says that natural conditions, combined with the genetics of sards, multiplied by the features of the region development, were conserved for hundreds of years. As the result was a powerful healing effect, eliminating even the traditional "backlog" of men from women.

Long ago scientists have noticed that maximum concentration of centenarians observed not on the coast, but in the internal regions of Sardinia. The second largest island in the Mediterranean always attracted the attention of conquers. They appeared so regularly for centuries that residents have developed a habit to live away from the water. Dwelling in the wild thickets, sards carefully kept the nation "clean"- marriages with foreigners were not practiced. Apparently, such stability was pleasing, so longevity has become a reward for Sardinians for their constancy and patriotism.

The inner part of Sardinia has changed only a little - the outflow of the population from patriarchal towns take place, but it is not critical. Evaluating the anti-age effect of location, the projects of elite real estate smoothly retreat from the coast. Considering the strict construction restrictions, there are only a few of them, and each of them pretends to be a sensation. For example, the exclusive projects of the development company Villegium - villas surrounded by their own landscape parks - are located in the natural reserve of Monte Moro. A thickly overgrown forest slope hangs over the famous Costa Smeralda. Those who appreciate the privacy of their lives more than anything else are guaranteed a secluded peace and a life "on top of the world." Located on the multi-level terraces of the villa wrapped in a crystal clear mountain air, filled with healing aromas of conifers.


The significance of the genetic factor in longevity does not exceed 30% - the rest is the quality of the natural and social environment. Both the first and the second can be consciously managed.

It is simple in Sardinia - no one is deprived of the favors of nature here. For those who did not happen to be born, but were lucky enough to build a nest here, the energy of the place acts just as honestly and intensely as for the local ones. Regenerative processes are launched quickly, so the effect can be felt after 5-6 months. But is necessary to recharge in Sardinia regularly to preserve and develop results. Therefore, sooner or later the question about the acquisition of real estate here arises, which can be used as a distant country house or a permanent residence.

Rejuvenating properties of the island, beneficially affect non-sards - residents confirm.

The representative of the old Olbian family, the owner of the ultramodern helipad in Porto Cervo and the antique villa Angelo Corda, notes: "Our family lives in Sardinia for several centuries, therefore the properties of the island are not a secret for us, but a reality. I know how many my grandfathers and great-grandfathers have lived and roughly imagine how much is allocated to me. The number suits me (laughs). I watch with much greater interest, as my clients improve in Sardinia. Changing the complexion, behavior, habits, even the most persistent - food cravings. As a result, for a few years a person, in fact, begins a new life."