Home sweet home

Spreading "sardinization" happens unnoticed. After acquaintance vacation spent in hotels and friend's villas, usually, visitors purchase their own house. Sometimes, strategic decisions are made - to settle down here. Luckily, the location of the island allows reaching any place in the world quickly.

"No place like home" - this should be understood literally in Sardinia. In the design of the premium villas are dominated by granite, juniper, volcanic stone and other natural local materials that stimulate the therapeutic effects of the surrounding nature. At the same time, the premium accommodation in Sardinia is quite simple. This caused not only by the strict rules for the implementation of development projects but also in common sense - active natural materials should prevail over artificial ones.

Example of Villa Perla located in Baja Sardinia, can make anyone understand what is "Sardinian-style luxury". The shape of the villa is devoid of any hint of excessiveness. It almost merges with the surrounding landscape and complements it, so it seems that villa has been here forever. The panoramic view opening from the terraces can never get you bored. Movements of all scenery elements change this view many times during the day.

Created recently, due to the abundance of natural textures, the villa is deeply rooted in the past (century-old tree, thousands-year-old stones) and delicately turned into the future (the newest jacuzzi mimics the natural spring).  During the construction, manual labor was widely used - from grinding stones for the exterior of the open patio to forging interior elements by a local smith. Reproduce of the villa somewhere else is impossible. Luxury is hidden in this uniqueness.

Villa Perla, created in harmony with the surrounding landscape, just like other projects is capable of much. Normalization of blood pressure, leveling of the hormones, emotional stability - life here starts the processes of renewal at the cellular level. Natural sources of regeneration are foods (abundance of natural antioxidants), air (mixing sea and mountain), water (passed through granite filters and become curative) and landscape (own park with century trees and pavilion rooms). Villaterapy is capable of much.