The phenomenon of the longevity of sards, which has been guessed for a long time, and today scientists have scientifically confirmed, based on the closest contact of a person with pure nature. In Sardinia, it is possible without sacrificing the usual comfort and benefits of civilization. No need to go into a remote jungle or cut off secular ties. In the heart of the Mediterranean, the island carefully protects its authenticity, not disdaining the most modern solutions but strictly limiting their use. Such a dualism is what people seek for.велледжиум, веледжиум, вилледжиум

In the past, the zone of seismic activity, Sardinia still retains a unique energy background, created by tectonics a millennium ago. It is remarkable that whatever nation live in Sardinia, this is where they settled their mythical demigods. But not cruel once worshiped for fear, but perfect people, equal in physical and mental level to the gods.

Regardless of each other, succeeding civilizations came to the same conclusion that it was on this island. It is the place where humanity has access to the most divine quality - immortality.

The Greeks considered Sardinia as a fragment of sunken Atlantis. The mysterious "graves of the giants" dated Neolithic (the exact purpose of the stone gigantic structures is still unknown) today attract those, who think that Stonehenge and the pyramids have lost some of their charms due to tourists. After all, the place of power will show its capabilities only in an atmosphere of peace and concentration.велледжиум, веледжиум, вилледжиум

Fortunately, in Sardinia, both are present in excess. A fast-paced secular life is located on the coast, a full stress-detox of the postindustrial world is a little deeper on the island. In this case, it is not necessary to go back to origins by yourself. The impenetrable thickets of the Sardinian forests are densely populated. And not only by the wild boars that glorified the local cuisine but also in the form of juicy pochellino. Stables, sheep and goat yard, arranged by olive plantations and vineyards, please the eye and inviting. Spontaneous agrotourism flourishes due to the sincere hospitality of locals.

To keep nature intact, ambitions and fantasies of developers and contractors who build luxury villas are strictly limited by the legislation of the region. Due to it, the landscape isn't corrupt by new-built-castles, and the authenticity of tiny cities is not erased by the influence of different nations and cultures.велледжиум, веледжиум, вилледжиум

A special status in Italy, its own government, and dialect as an independent language allow Sardinia to stand tall for preserving the natural protected areas. For example, one of Villegium's projects is located near the Monte Moro atmosphere reserve - a mountain covered with a green carpet of dense forest. Its greatest appeal is the possibility of complete isolation from the outside world with only one-kilometer distance from the coast!

Residents of Sardinia appreciate their identity so much that they are ready to sacrifice the immediate benefit of an "expensive" tourist. They look at several generations ahead and with all their might restrain the pressure of globalization. As a result, those who agree to accept the traditions of this place stay here, with a hope that one day they can call it home.