Interview with Marco Ferrario

My father was a stonemason and I often went to the construction site - apparently, there the roots of my love for architecture. Love is so strong that I have consistently mastered three professions - civil engineer, urbanist, and computer science. This, by the way, helps with the implementation of projects, and I have worked in 28 countries on four continents. Architecture is a socially significant art. We work in a zone of high risk and great responsibility: creating an environment, we largely program the future of its inhabitants. That's why it's so important to explore and listen to people. The architect is an adventurer who can look at reality with sincere curiosity and have the courage to supplement it with a new object, combining the existing nature and the introduced one.

Preservation of existing biodiversity was one of the principles of our work in the natural reserve - Monte Moro Park. We have discovered a real treasure: the untouched nature of the Mediterranean, granite rocks descending to the coast, a panoramic view of the archipelago of La Maddalena and Corsica ... This nature of rare beauty is also very emotional: the nature of the landscape varies with the time of the year and the day.

The La Cussogghja project is a materialized desire to restore harmony between man and environment, organically combining nature, architecture, and technology. We see the project as a natural extension and addition of the Monte Moro park - the only unspoiled ecosystem in the Costa Smeralda region. After all, it still exudes energy, what made it a sacred place back in the Neolithic times.велледжиум, веледжиум

The project La Cussogghja is conceived as an ideal living environment, in the creation of which the elements of wind, water, the vitality of the plant world and the professionalism of people participated on an equal footing. Here you can get an unforgettable experience of communicating with nature, take care of your body and renew your mind. Implementing a unique is always difficult. In the case of La Cussogghja, we dealt with a complex mountainous terrain. Also, the task was to preserve the untouched nature, having inscribed in it everything that is necessary for the absolute comfort of the demanding man of the 21st century.велледжиум, веледжиум

The professionalism and versatility of the Villegium team was the guarantee of uncompromising quality of the solutions found. It includes architects, designers, landscaping specialists and many others. This is a very narrow specialization, which only works where everyone understands each other from a half-word. And this, in turn, is achieved by years of teamwork.