Blue Ocean of Longevity

The desire to live a long time determines the consumer behavior of the elite of Western countries for several decades.

First of all, this led to a rise in property prices in the regions, which have a record life expectancy. After experimenting with what can and should not be allowed to developers in special natural areas, the regions - leaders of a healthy lifestyle have created the formula: the rights of consumers to use an ecological habitat are directly proportional to the scope of responsibilities for preserving this environment for future generations. In particularly curative places, the balance of demand for elite housing and supply today is regulated by strict legislation, that dictates to developers, what and how to build on the acquired land.

For example, Sardinia is one of the five "blue regions" of the Earth with an abnormally high percentage of long-livers, long ago chosen by the appropriate contingent (the unofficial title "island of millionaires" accurately reflects the state of affairs).  That is a real challenge for a developer who ventured to implement an elite project. In the cities of the peninsula, historical centers remain intact, thanks to a veto for any changes in the facades of houses that are closer than 200 meters from the churches. Strict bans also apply outside the zones of historical and cultural heritage: high-rise construction is impossible - two floors is the limit. Therefore, despite the high demand for real estate, professional developers in Sardinia are few, and almost all of them are local.велледжиум, веледжиум

Villas in Sardinia: for life in the region of longevity you need to pay about 10 million euros.

"On the one hand, the developer is extremely difficult here, on the other - the buyer is guaranteed to receive a unique product: for example, a house in a biosphere reserve with the best engineering solutions and a guarantee that the charm of the location is nothing and will never overshadow. Close view of the bay here will not be allowed for any money, "explains the head of the development company Villegium Marco Ferrario. The municipality of each region clearly represents what corresponds to the historical appearance of the place, and the last word always remains behind it. When building villas in Sardinia, landscape design should take into account the planting rates of plants to be preserved in this area, and engineering must be the most advanced to ensure the neutrality of the building in relation to the environment. The cost of real estate for the adherents of a healthy lifestyle in the "blue regions" corresponds to the efforts of the developers - the price of a new villa with a plot in Sardinia will be about 10 million euros.

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