Monte Moro

  • Land plot Land plot
    206.57 hectares

The natural park of Monte Moro is a unique space, carefully designed by landscape architects. 

The park on the slopes of a mountain more than 420 m above sea level serves the main goal – the healing unity of man with nature.

It is hard to say where the efforts of landscape designers end and absolutely untouched landscapes begin: everything that appeared in the Sardian forest with human efforts is so consonant with nature. Multicolored granite blocks, a hundred-year-old juniper, fragrant herbs, the murmur of a mountain stream create a constantly changing world. Balancing between the sky and the earth, "natural rooms" invite meditatively to enjoy the way nature and man do not argue, but co-create.

In the location of the villas, the logic and travel routes are carefully thought-through. The neighboring villa, pool, terrace or secluded natural corner can be reached by trekking on a picturesque path, horse riding with a sea view, energetic bicycle rides or with an eco-friendly compact electric car.

The electric cars route imperceptibly connects all parts of estate together and include 10-15 stops. Household staff accommodation is nearby, but the ergonomics of the space implies their minimal intersection with the routes of the villagers. The huge estate functions as a clock – 24/7 and as inconspicuous for its owners and their guests. The atmosphere of natural seclusion isn't broken.