La Cussogghja

  • Land plot Land plot
    3 hectares
  • Development Development
    2239 sq. M.
  • Status Status
    Finishing work

La Cussogghja complex harmonizes the architecture of luxury villas in a natural style and untouched natural landscape.

Multilayered and diverse created space brings together a philosophical and stylistic solution - the idea of a "greenhouse", not limited to the walls of buildings, but open to meet the surrounding natural splendor. Quiet villas compete in comfort and aesthetics with "natural rooms" - secluded corners on the estate, where the connection between man and nature is tangible with all senses. Villas La Cussogghja - unique in its completeness and honesty offer to find a better self - or return to yourself.велледжиум, веледжиум, вилледжиум

The "Global" and "Belle" villas are the tribute to the local nature and the architectural traditions of northern Sardinia. They can not be reproduced anywhere else - they are so deeply rooted in the surrounding natural landscape. They were designed with local natural materials were used. Preference is given to manual processing - this gives modern buildings authenticity, once and for all inscribing them into nature. The facades are finished with granite and valuable wood species. The villas are designed to meet advanced requirements for safety and comfort, to provide a higher level of security. Free planning allows organizing a space in a way that most fully meets the needs of the owner.

The third villa which could enlarge La Cussogghja’s collection to 4 hectares is located at the top of the estate - from here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire valley.  The dominant of La Cussogghja itself is destined for the role of the busiest part of paradise - a place where villagers can spend time together. The swimming pool and spa area, 360 terrain terrace, barbecue area and gorgeous lawns are all provided for a variety of leisure activities. The accent of the interior - large living rooms with panoramic windows, from which guests can move to the music room or 3D cinema. The smart home system, high-speed Wi-Fi and video conferencing allowing to conduct events at any level of complexity: from a private party to an event that uses a pavilion to accommodate guests.

Considering the powerful technical equipment of the villa and the availability of spaces suitable for the organization of an office, a meeting room, and a mini-conference hall, the villa is also capable of assuming the role of an executive residence. If job don't let go and you need to be in touch with the world - the villa will become an ideal office. Here you can host partners, being absolutely confident in maintaining the all of the negotiations confidential and presence of a high-status atmosphere, which sometimes plays a decisive role in the commission of serious transactions.велледжиум, веледжиум