La Cussogghja Manor – Monte Moro Park – La Turrita Wellness Center – Villa Perla

The unique development project La Cussogghja with a powerful health improvement mission is implemented in the highest premium segment: in the most prestigious part of Sardinia, on the Costa Smeralda (Baia Sardinia region) on the territory adjacent to the national natural reserve Monte Moro. 

Villa Perla, created in the traditional for the legendary Costa Smeralda villas "organic" style. It is a rare example of a combination of exceptionally good location (a couple of kilometers from Porto Cervo, a step away from a secluded sandy beach), a spacious plot of land with landscape design and thoughtful planning house, in which the owners can freely accommodate a dozen guests without compromising their personal comfort.

A specific and pragmatic answer to the passionate desire of successful contemporaries to live truly luxurious. 

Today, complete restoration of human connection with nature, a revival of natural biorhythms and active longevity is a luxury. "To live luxuriously" means to maintain a vitality, intellectual activity, and impeccable physics until old age. 

The project implemented in Sardinia is a world record holder for the number of long-livers. This is a good thought-through space for the restoration of a healing connection with nature and its biorhythms, without foregoing the usual comfort and elements of social status. It is a place of power that gently energizes. It is not necessary to make special efforts to find here harmony with yourself and the surrounding world.

Italy is traditionally present in the Bloomberg TOP-3 rating of the healthiest countries in the world. In 2017, Italy topped the rating. 

Sardinia is one of the five "blue zones" of the Earth - regions with an abnormally high number of long-livers. Sardinia is the only place in the world where men and women live equally long. 

The north-eastern part of the island - Costa Smeralda, has been a place of attraction for the world's wealthiest people for more than 50 years. Only here the reputation of the "region of long-livers" and the historical traditions of longevity are combined with the prestige location and premium infrastructure. 

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In La Cussogghja complete privacy and secular life of the Costa Smeralda is equally available. On the section between the top of the mountains and the emerald marina, the best balance of private and public life was created. The privacy of private leisure is guaranteed by its own vast territory. Simultaneously only one kilometer separates the estate from the legendary Porto Cervo and the "reservation of billionaires" of the Pitrizza hotel.

The estate La Cussogghja is located on a hillside covered with dense natural vegetation interspersed with granite rocks of a fantasy form. From the height of the ridge opens an incredible view of the green forest carpet, descending to the very coast. The sails of the bay reflect the sails of the yachts and easily traces the quaintly rugged coastline from the archipelago of La Maddalena to the island of Corsica.

The natural continuation of the estate is the mountain park Monte Moro - a unique in its primeval ecosystem of the Emerald Coast.

Natural forest aromatherapy, exceptional mountain air, charged with positive ions, sea coast - the fundamental values ​​of the environment, which imperceptibly prolongs the person's active life. The energy of the place has long been appreciated by local long-livers and those who seek to become them. In the gorges of the Neolithic Age, a unique natural background has been scientifically confirmed, restoring the soul and body simultaneously. Addition to La Cussogghja - exclusive health center La Turrita, located on its own territory. Effective express therapy of exclusively natural properties, supplemented by "zero" programs from professionals of natural healing, is able to perform miracles in a few weeks and return forgotten tastes and meaning to life.

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The virgin nature of Sardinia on the territory of almost 40 hectares is represented in all the diversity. Filled with flavors of the coniferous-deciduous forest, in which wild boars are still found, hides the changeable terrain. Plains are interspersed with picturesque elevations.

Extremely delicate landscape zoning emphasizes the natural beauty of places. It reveals the view areas with a better panorama of the Emerald Coast. Masterful terracing, the second birth of a transparent river and the glorified rocks of Sardinia. It is impossible to figure out which of the bizarre piles were always here, and which appeared by the will of architects and designers.

All "random" details are not accidental, and on one natural site, it was possible to create an absolutely natural paradise. The natural charisma of the territory, multiplied by the talent of Villegium architects and landscape designers, allowed to create a one-of-a-kind project.

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