La Turrita

  • Land plot Land plot
    61.75 hectares
  • Status Status
    Prospective development

Wellness and Spa Center La Turrita gives access to the practice of conscious longevity to all those who wish to synchronize their inner clock with the rhythms of nature. Panoramic sea views and a wide range of thalassotherapy treatments, elegant in their natural space aesthetics, are available for guests of 80 rooms. This is the number of visitors feels most comfortable in the territory of the nature reserve at the same time.

A wide range of professional procedures, rest surrounded by untouched nature, complements agrotourism and the opportunity to feel the therapeutic effect of Sardinian gastronomy. The local cuisine is based on what has grown or caught here and now, and the true healing power of the dishes empowered by the water of a unique chemical composition, filtered out by granite rocks.

In addition to the unique healing effect, La Turrita is an exclusive opportunity for profitable targeted investments. The center has its own economic infrastructure.